Don’t Be Hatin’

I’m a nineteen-year-old girl with wandering roots, a house in Maine, and the ability to make a home wherever I land.  I’m a Pre-Med sophomore at UMass Amherst. I work at the Gelato Fiasco, aka the coolest place ever. I have an obsessive personality; currently, I can’t stop loving a capella music, reading, science fiction, coffee, tea, cats, bicycles, old cars, the Avengers, superheroes in general, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Sherlock, and sleeping.  I’m a huge fan of creative writing and escape novels, and I’ve got a family that drives me crazy (sometimes in a good way) and a procrastinated motivation that drives me crazy (mostly in a bad way).  I’m admittedly a drama queen and a part-time diva, but I do my best not to kill other people with my melodrama.  I’ve got a crazy sister, awesome roommates, and wonderful best friends who will always have a spot in my heart.  Overall, I’m a passionate, mercurial, nerdy girl who can’t wait to step into the real world and accomplish my goals.
Watch out, world, here comes Nerdophilia